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Our mission is to produce and continually develop quality products at a competitive price while fostering a climate where creativity can thrive. We will always strive to service our customer with the utmost integrity, and to their complete satisfaction. Integrity is the core of our actions and relationships. We aim to provide the best possible services to our retailers and consumers, recognizing their importance to our continued success. 

We are a So-Cal based apparel manufacturer whose passion is to take a concept and bring it to fruition.  "Soup to nuts", is the best way to describe what we do at Heartsease Design USA, Inc.  


Collaborating with sourcing directors, retailers, fashion designers, and start-up companies, we exercise full transparency and consistent communication through design, production and shipping, ensuring all business partners are aware of key deliverables throughout the process. We pride ourselves on developing apparel and accessories at competitive costs within committed timeframes.  No order is too small or too large.

Our flexible product development approach is designed to meet each clients specific needs while always striving for excellence.  Our services can be adopted in whole or unbundled to fit your needs.

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